Why Bother With An Alarm

I am often asked why someone should bother with an alarm. Lets face it they are noisy and suffer from false alarms so why bother?

Well I think everyone agrees that shops and business need alarms and the insurance companies will in most cases demand that you have one.  For domestic home situations most insurance companies don’t mind you having an alarm but they don’t demand that you do so. It pays to note that if you do have a home alarm and you are paying a lower insurance policy because of it that if you are burgled and the alarm was not armed the insurance company may not cover you. Always arm your alarm when you leave your premises. Just get into the habit of doing it that way you know the alarm is working properly, your property is safe and you are covered by your insurance company. When I leave to go some where it is nice to know that no one is ransacking my home or business and that I am not going to come home to some terrible mess that may take days, weeks or months to clean up and also that the smoke detectors have not activated and the place is not on fire.

Having said all that there is another good reason to have an alarm. If you have expensive furniture and chattels it would be best to have an alarm and also contents insurance but if you are just starting out, for what ever reason and you don’t have any rarely expensive gear you could save your self the cost of contents insurance by having an alarm. The alarm could be monitored by you using your cell phone and if you install smoke detectors on the alarm this would make your property even more secure.

If you were burgled  and the worsted happened that you lost all your stuff you could probably replace it with second hand items at very reasonable prices. Then you use the money you save on insurance to buy new gear as you require it.

The point I am trying to make here is that you can use your alarm to save you money and worry. Its a one off cost and apart from a annual maintenance is very cheap to have. But yes you say what about the false alarms. False alarms have always been a problem with security alarms. They can be very much reduced by having your annual maintenance done by your alarm technician. Also most modern PIRs (movement detectors) have built in immunity to false alarms. One can say that the old saying that the higher the price of the item the better the quality is true and this applies very much to the PIRs on your alarm. So get the best quality ones you can afford because they will have the best immunity to false alarms.