STAR Alarm

Golden STAR Alarm VG90E

Priced At $500.00 Installed*.

  • Nelson, Stoke And Richmond City Limits otherwise a site fee applies.

These Alarms are imported by Alarms Are Us and are only available in New Zealand from us.

The ALL NEW ALARM FOR MODERN TIMES for a reasonable price


1) Touch screen keypad

2) Will report the alarm to your cellphone you can then stop alarm, rearm, listen in, start talkback, control outputs.

3) Remote control by TEXT message. Eg password plus ARM will arm the alarm you get back a message alarm armed.

4) Use with a 2degrees SIM card and top up with the phone APP. 

5) Ideal for the home or batch.

6) Ideal for control around the farm. Turn the water pump on or off by text, get a text back telling you what you have done. (Requires extra Relay Unit)

7) Can have eight hard wired zones and up to 99 wireless zones.

8) Comes with two remote (Fob) controls.

9) Has listen in function so you can hear if someone is on the premises or if that motor started extra.

10) No telephone wires needed as it works like a cell phone but do need cell phone coverage.


Extra PIRs are available and a special relay unit is required to operate pumps and other external equipment.

The Photo shows the Items that come with the basic kit.

4 X Wireless Pet sensitive PIRs (Movement Detectors)

2 X Wireless Smoke Detectors.

2 X Wireless Remote Controls

1 X Wireless Door Switch.

1 X Wireless Outside Siren (Requires a power point for 12v power pack)

1 X wireless Inside Siren (Requires a Power Point for 12v power pack)

1 X User manual.

Please Note:

There is three versions of the STAR alarm G90E, G90B and S2.

The G90B version is  Wi-Fi and GSM and if connected to your Wi-Fi cameras can be added for remote viewing with your cell phone. Talk to me for more details.

The S2 version is GSM and has Contact Id built in for use with a monitoring station. See me for more details