Dongke Group Alarm Systems




These three photos show a recent instillation of Dongke Group 4-Beam Solar-Powered Multi-beam Active Wireless Infrared Detectors.

These infrared detectors answer the questions

1) How do I protect the outside of my Business or property from thieves and arsonists.

2) How do I protect my Bee hives from Theft

3) My vineyard needs extra external protection against theft of grapes

4) I Need to know when some one enters my property but the gate is many meters down the drive way

5) How can I protect my sheep and cattle from theft.

6) I need cost efficient protection for my farm.

The beams described here answers the above questions.

How do they work?

These beams have a built in wireless transmitter that will work into a receiver that is a Km away so if the beam is broken the receiver will receive the signal and activate the receiver. The receiver has a built in speaker and also four relays that can be used to activate external equipment (Cellphone, Computers, internal/external sirens extra).

The beams have a built in solar panel and batteries which work down to very low light levels so they will work in a shady situation.

The beams then do not need any cabling so no trenches need to be dug saving you cost and inconvenience. Of coarse they are easily moved as well.

One of the big problem with beams is false alarms. This problem has been overcome with the use of three encoded beams in each unit so that any two beams can be cut at the same time and no alarm will occur. All three beams have to be cut for an alarm. The beams are also encoded so the beams can be crossed making for a very much more secure instillation.

The receiver is shown in the photo above it is on the left hand side. this activates the Paradox MG5050 wireless alarm for which the keypad is above it. In this case the paradox alarm can be armed and disarmed with keyring remote’s. Above but out of the picture is a cell phone transceiver which works to a monitoring station so that when armed and a beam is broken an alarm is sent so the monitoring station who will action the predetermined procedure (ring police, owner extra).

The distance the beams can be apart is 100 Meters, they must be installed so that they are level (They have a bubble for this purpose). The instillation procedure isĀ as follows. Install the two posts in the ground, post diameter should be about 150mm and posts should be at lease 1m in the ground 2m would be best. Go half way between the posts and a couple of meters to one side and with a lazer level mark the posts at the same level (A suitable lazer level can be purchased from a Bunnings or Mitre 10 just make sure it has a tripod and can transmit the beam for 50 meters. You will need to use the inrared glasses to see the beam spot on the post. You will now need to install the pipe and hangers as shown in the bottom picture. the hard ware for this is all available from Steel & Tube at quite reasonable prices. Don’t forget the pipe caps. Use a 10.5mm wood drill for the 10mm threaded rod. Drill the holes level by placing a small level on the drill bit, make sure you drill through the centre of the post. Attach the transmitter and receiver adjusting their height so that the centre of the unit is spaced the same distance from the level spot you got with the lazer level. The end result should be that you can cover two beams with a block of wood and no alarm will result but if you block three beams it will alarm.

You will have to adjust the Transmitter and receiver for maximum signal this is indicated on the receiver unit LCD and should be around 500 on a cloudy day and 200 on a sunny day. The signal should not vary more than plus or minus 30.

To get the holes correct on the posts I marked the plum bulb as below


This gives you a rough Idea on how to install these beams. In most cases I would expect to do the instillation all you would be required to do is install the posts where marked.